Learning Caught on Camera at Northwest

Learning Caught on Camera at Northwest  thumbnail161268
Technology is creating new ways for students in Amityville to express themselves as Northwest Elementary School, as students are using Padcaster to reinforce learning in multiple subject areas. 

Padcaster equipment includes an iPad and holder, light, microphone, tripod and green screen background. Videos are made on iMovie and with green screen technology each student can superimpose a picture related to his or her topic in the background.

In Lori Heavey’s third grade class, students completed holiday research projects. In addition to writing a paper, each child added a digital component by summarizing his or her research in a short video. Ms. Heavey explained that this activity was possible through the district’s Skin in the Game initiative, which included training for two of her students on the use of the equipment, so they could serve as directors and assist their classmates. For another assignment, her students dabbled in persuasive writing by crafting restaurant reviews and creating accompanying videos.