Amityville Readers Make Their Choices

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The start of the second half of the school year marked a new beginning for eighth grade readers at Edmund W. Miles Middle School. Students went book shopping to launch the unit on dystopian and fantasy literature. 

Dozens of books awaited students as they arrived in Katie Rosario’s and Christina Romeo’s classes on Jan. 21. They were given the opportunity to browse through the selections and pick two novels that they will read over the next several weeks. Some of the popular books and series available were “Among the Hidden,” “Divergent,” “The Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner.” Reader’s Workshop, through Columbia University Teacher’s College, encourages student choice in reading. 

“Find a book that you’re really going to want to stick with,” Ms. Rosario told students as they sampled different titles. Books came from both the classroom library and the school library, which both have extensive choices for readers.

Ms. Rosario said that her students will be reading several short story “mentor texts” together from the dystopian and fantasy genres to analyze different literary elements. They will then make comparisons to their selected novels. Students will also learn how to identify story themes, which will help them in an upcoming thematic essay writing unit.