A Night of Numbers at Park Avenue

A Night of Numbers at Park Avenue photo thumbnail161835

The third annual family math night at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary Schoolon Jan. 22 drew and enthusiastic crowd of children and adults who were hungry for knowledge.

Fortunately for them, one of the centers included a snack. Upon solving a puzzle, students used the answer to create a cereal treat. That was one of several fun and engaging math activities that Park Avenue students and their parents, grandparents and siblings enjoyed throughout the night. 

The art room was transformed into an escape room, with students solving equations to move from clue to clue and ultimately “break out.” In the library, they answered math questions on Chromebooks using the interactive game Kahoot. Another room featured math jeopardy that focused on five areas: addition, subtraction, money, shapes and word problems. 

Family math night featured a Looney Tunes theme, with the characters incorporated into the different activities. Principal Robyn Santiago said the theme was continued from Park Avenue’s float in the most recent Homecoming parade.