Language Honor Society Welcomes New Members

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More than 30 students from French and Spanish classes at Amityville Memorial High School were selected to the World Language Honor Society for their high achievement and commitment to language acquisition.

Although an induction ceremony scheduled for April was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 36 students are officially new members of this prestigious organization. It is open to students maintaining a grade point average of 85 or higher in their language classes.

Inductees from Spanish classes included Diana Alvarez, Yaneli Amaya, Jackeline Andino, Neyri Ayala, Brian Candia Flores, Alexa Echevarria-Chavez, Tatiana Escolero, Kimberly Garcia, Vanessa Garcia, Amaya Gomez, Brandon Fernandez, Kenia Hernandez, Abdullah Khan, Andielynn Llamas, Maykelen Y. Maradiaga, Evelyn Maricela Rivas Onofre, Keiry Martinez, Gianely McCatty, Anayiah McCloud-Griffin, Brianna McQueen, Nurys Matos Mejia, Samanta Molina, Gabriella Norris, Marilyn Ortiz, Yisel Ramirez, Alisson Ramos Lopez, Mariajose Rivera, Helen N. Rodriguez, Randy Rodriguez and Stephanie Urbina.

Inductees from French classes are Mikhail Ankudovych, Nivana Benoit, Melissa Contreras, Amaya Gomez, Randy Jerez and Marie Wic Jironard.

World Language teachers are Reynaldo Bueno, Elisa Castro and Sandra Whitney for Spanish and Francesca Chery for French. Ms. Castro is the adviser of the World Language Honor Society.