A Four-Wheel Farewell at Northwest

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It was anything but a traditional end of the school year at Northwest Elementary School, but that did nothing to tamp down the enthusiasm of students, teachers and staff during farewell drive-by parades on June 15.  

With school closed since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the first time students and teachers saw each other in person in three months. Even though their faces were partly obscured by masks, seeing each other brought equal joy to the children and the adults.   

Each grade was allocated a time slot and families could drive through the front loop where teachers lined the sidewalk holding handmade signs. Music played in the background as staff applauded and cheered. As cars entered the parking lot, Principal Kathleen Hyland and Assistant Principal Sonia Rodrigo were waiting to present each child with a white and red Northwest T-shirt. 

The parades also served as moving-up ceremonies for the second and third graders, all headed to Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School next year. The district will be reconfigured with the opening of new space at Northwest and Amityville Memorial High School. Teachers wished the children good luck at their stately new school.