AMHS Artists Make Memorable Portraits

Prior to the end of the school year, members of the Amityville Memorial High School National Art Honor Society completed their work on The Memory Project a unique initiative in which advanced high school art students create original portraits for children from all over the world who have been abandoned, orphaned, abused, or neglected. AMHS art students received pictures of children who are waiting for portraits, then worked in their art classrooms and afterschool to create the portraits. Once finished, the portraits were delivered to the children overseas.

“Thanks to the generosity and support of our staff who have sponsored us for the past six years  we have been able to create portraits for children from the Ukraine, Peru, Mexico, Honduras and last year Guyana,” said AMHS art teacher Jayne Grasso, who oversees the students’ work and the school’s participation in the project.

This year AMHS students created portraits for children from the Philippines. Ben Schumaker, founder of The Memory Project, recently delivered the portraits to The Philippines. Watch the delivery:

This AMHS student artists who participated in The Memory Project are:

Student Artist
Angelica Gonzalez - Portrait of Iskol
David Hobbins - Portrait of Jamil
Josue Reyes - Portrait of Jane
Jerdh Michel - Portrait of Janice
Ebony Derr - Portrait of Jemma
Janae Hammond - Portrait of Esmael
Etiana Coley Mells - Portrait of Esmeralda
Lenny Ramirez - Portrait of Esperanza
Jamel Jenkins - Portraits of Evelyn, Jayron
Manuel Santos - Portrait of Ferdinan
Alexyss Robinson - Portrait of Gabriel
Melida Ventura - Portrait f Ginny
Brianna York - Portrait of Gino
Kerina Herard - Portrait of Glayds