Middle School Students ‘Caught’ Doing the Right Thing

In a new initiative being undertaken this year at Edmund W. Miles Middle School, Principal Edward Plaia announced the first two installments of its “Warriors of the Week” program.

The program’s purpose is to highlight and recognize students who get “caught” doing the right thing when (they think) nobody is looking. It’s part of a larger character education drive that Plaia said would shed light on the great students at EWMMS.

“There are so many great kids here, we wanted to focus on them,” he said. “The kids are totally tuned in to see if they ‘got caught!’”

Every Friday, the middle school does video announcements rather than the traditional PA announcements, where they read off the students’ names and provide an explanation about why they were recognized Warriors of the Week. After the names have been announced, the students assemble for a group photo.

In its early stages, Warriors of the Week already has been a big hit among the teachers and students, and has potential to improve the school culture. “We want kids to know that we know they are great, and they deserve the recognition for it,” Plaia said.