PAMES Students Steer Clear of Bullying

Fourth-graders at Park Avenue Memorial took part in a two-session multimedia workshop designed to promote empathy and build social skills and assertiveness when dealing with classmates and conflict resolution.  

Child Abuse Prevention Services, a nonprofit organization, presented the program on Oct. 6 and 7 in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month. During the lessons, CAPS representatives and teachers engaged the students in discussions and stories aimed at teaching kids to steer clear of bullying. A handout titled “Am I A Good Friend/Where Does Bullying Hurt” was provided to teachers prior to the workshops.

The presenters used the classroom Smart Boards and played an anti-bullying DVD for the fourth-grade classes. National Bullying Prevention Month began in 2006 as a way to raise awareness of the corrosive influence bullying can have on a school community. According to a 2011 Harvard School of Health Study, schools that have anti-bullying programs reduce bullying by 50 percent.