Hispanic Heritage on Display at EWMMS

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The month of October is Hispanic Heritage Month, and the Amityville School District has been in full celebration mode, as nearly every school recognized the cultural event.

On Oct. 17, Edmund W. Miles Middle School wrapped up its three-day special program in the school’s library, where students in all grades got a chance to build and view colorful displays prepared in anticipation of the month.

Librarian Lynn Cesiro led each class in a discussion on the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month, showing students a brief video that highlighted the many rich contributions Hispanic Americans have made to American culture.

The students sat beneath a display of student-made piñatas that hung vibrantly from the ceiling. Large-scale panels showing Hispanic-influenced artwork and brief biographies of famous Hispanic figures in world history adorned the edge of the book stacks. Both nonfiction and fiction books by or about Hispanics were on display on tables and surfaces throughout the library.

Participating students were also asked to fill out a “Wish Upon a Star Pinata & Mural Project,” in which they wrote down the name of one notable Hispanic person in history and what three questions they would like to ask that person. The forms were collected for a “Wish Upon A Star” piñata and mural, and the students were able to use any of the library’s resources to research their notable Hispanic figure.

Browse the photos to see some of these incredible works of art and displays.