PAMES Learns Alicia Keys-Inspired Lesson

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Why are you here? That’s the question teacher Mike Greco and school counselor Kimberly Balducci asked PAMES fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students and faculty during a special character education lesson held in the school’s auditorium. Students learned about past and present social studies events and incorporated them into their joint lesson. 

The teachers used Alicia Keys’ new song, “We Are Here,” to inspire the students to think big. They asked the students to join the Alicia Keys movement to help raise awareness of issues around the world that cannot be solved in isolation.
The movement is based on the idea of social ecology – that we’re all related and need to work in harmony to create a kinder and better world for everyone. All of the students created posters stating why they are here and then took photographs of each other holding the posters up. The students came up with ideas such as: "I am here to get a good education," “I am here to stop bullying" and "I am here to bring people together."