NYPD Officer Shot in Line of Duty Visits MS

Seventh- and eighth-grade students at Edmund W. Miles Middle School learned a lesson in forgiveness on Nov. 5 when they received a visit from NYPD Detective Steven McDonald, a well-known advocate for nonviolence who was shot in the line of duty in July of 1986.
The students gathered in the gymnasium to listen to McDonald speak about breaking the cycle of violence and channeling the power of forgiveness. McDonald cooperated in writing a book titled “Why Forgive?” by Pastor Johann Cristoff Arnold, in which he discusses his decision to forgive 15-year-old Shavod Jones, who shot McDonald three times when he was stopped and questioned in relation to bicycle thefts in Central Park.

Jones, who served nine years in prison for the shooting, had called McDonald to apologize for his actions, though the two never met in person. Jones died in a motorcycle accident three days after he was paroled in 1995.
The shooting left Detective McDonald a quadriplegic and in need of a ventilator to breathe. Since his injury, he has traveled around the world advocating for peace and nonviolent resolutions to conflict.
The students at Miles got a chance to speak to him in person and hear his heroic story.