EWMMS Holds Science Fair


Students, parents, administrators and faculty at Edmund W. Miles gathered for its science fair and exposition on Feb. 12.

The fair highlighted the scientific projects of students in all grades. Students displayed the results of their research projects and lab experiments using foam boards and oak tag presentations. Some of the projects, for example, studied the aerodynamics of a football, the properties of Coke and Diet Coke, the characteristics of a condition called Gilbert Syndrome and a contraption called a “Ping Pong Catapult” by seventh-grader Samuel Wong-Schultz.

Also on display at the fair was the collaborative work on DNA and the origin of man’s ancestors from student-scientists Christina Davis, Christy Farrier, Laurie Herard, Mario Iorio, Jacob Marrero and Irache Teague. All six students will be representing the Amityville School District at a statewide science competition in Albany.

Ninth-graders Kellie Fowler, Keara Greene and Carlos Hargrove will also have their respective projects presented at the STEM Diversity Summit at Farmingdale State College in March.