A Fond Farewell

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At its business meeting on June 10, the Board of Education recognized 11 staff members who are retiring from the district. Touching words of tribute were shared about the retirees and the Board offered its thanks to the staff members for their years of service and dedication to the students of Amityville.

Those recognized were: Annette Brown, elementary teacher at Northeast; Susan Kaminski, elementary teacher at Park Avenue, Linda Lipowski, special education teacher at Northwest; Deborah Schmertzler, special education teacher at Edmund W. Miles Middle School; Sharon Bailey, teaching assistant at Northeast, Grace La Torre, teaching assistant at Edmund W. Miles Middle School; Mary Gero, school nurse at St. Martins; Marion Johnson, school nurse at Amityville Memorial High School; Pete Crowell, head custodian at Northwest; Pamela Jean-Baptiste, secretary at Northeast; and Judith O’Neill, district clerk.

In addition to recognizing retirees, the Board honored those employees with distinguished years of service to the district. The following staff members were honored for 20 years of service: Dave Becker, Geraldine Booth, Deborah Cammaroto, Jane Dady, Reynolds Hawkins, Jolene Maccarone, Kathleen Thorn and Nora Walker. Employees honored for 25 years of service were Theresa Culotta and Grace La Torre, and those recognized for 30 years of dedication to Amityville were Stephanie Brown, Colleen Kretz and Catherine Wells.

Special recognition was also paid to Dr. Mary DeRose, interim principal of Amityville Memorial High School; John Dziedzic, interim plant facilities manager; Sydney Freifelder, interim assistant superintendent for finance and operations; and Dr. Joan Lange, interim assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.