Children Educated on Career Options

Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School opened its doors to parent volunteers and local business professionals representing a wide array of occupations in order to have them speak with students about their career paths.

Prior to the Nov. 6 event, the school hosted a College and Career Day kickoff assembly, which featured a keynote speaker, a slideshow presentation and a raffle for college prizes. On the day of the event, students heard from professionals including Legislator DuWayne Gregory, an architect, a Major League Soccer player, police officers, a nursing manager, a News 12 videographer, a radio personality from 106.1 BLI, pharmacists and financial consultants. Coordinated by school counselor Kim Balducci, PAMES’ Career Day was designed to offer students information and the requirements needed to pursue future careers.
Through their interesting and engaging presentations, parent volunteers and local business professionals opened students’ eyes and introduced them to occupations with which they might not have been familiar. The guest speakers not only captivated students with their presentations, but also shared personal stories and dispensed practical advice.