Students Learn to Step Up and Speak Out Against Bullying

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As part of the school’s character education program, sixth-grade students at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School received an informative lesson from Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) representatives on the importance of stepping up and speaking out against bullying.

As a two-part lesson, students first watched a 20-minute video that demonstrated the harmful effects of bullying and ways to stand up against bullying. The following day, a CAPS representative visited their classroom and engaged the students in a conversation about the proper actions and protocol to take when faced with a bullying situation. Students discussed positive choices they can make and learned to STEP UP, an acronym for stick up for others, travel in groups, explore choices, practice confidence, plan ahead and use humor.

The representative also explained the difference between teasing and bullying and read the Dignity for All Students Act, a New York State law that protects all students from discrimination, intimidation, harassment and bullying on public school property.