A Walk Through Black History

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For the third-consecutive year, Edmund W. Miles Middle School hosted an interactive Black History Month Museum from Feb. 10-12.

As part of the social studies curriculum, seventh- and eighth-grade students created colorful poster boards that represented important people and events during the Civil Rights Movement and Harlem Renaissance. After presenting their projects in class, students displayed their posters, writing pieces and artifacts in the library. As an addition to the museum, students created a game with the object of matching the picture of a notable person in black history to the quote he or she said.

During their visit, seventh- and eighth-graders completed a worksheet based on the information they learned from the projects. On the worksheet, students wrote the name of a person or event of black history achievement, an important fact and reflected on how this person or event influenced history.

To help create a more authentic museum experience, school librarian Lynn Cesiro hung additional informational posters, pictures and banners around the library.