Women’s History Month Tea Party

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In honor of Women’s History Month, students in Dawn Attanasio’s and Reinaldo Latorre’s seventh- and ninth-grade ELA classes at Edmund W. Miles Middle School participated in a Women’s History Tea Party.

As an optional writing assignment, students were asked to submit an essay in regards to the following topic: It is 20 years in the future and you are being inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame. Write about the accomplishments of your life and how you have made a difference to women and to society. For the assignment, girls were asked to answer the question about themselves, while boys selected a female figure to write about for the essay. Those who completed the assignment were invited to the tea party.

During the tea, students circulated around the library to read their classmates’ essays and write a comment about what they read. The seventh- and ninth-graders were then invited to enjoy a slice of pizza, tea or a beverage of their choice and an array of desserts as they discussed and reflected on their writing. Each student received a certificate for their participation in the school’s Women’s History Tea.

“The goal of this event was to promote literacy and celebrate their writing together,” said Attanasio.