Sharing Knowledge

As a culmination to their informational writing unit, students in Stacey Katt and Juliane Roman’s third-grade class at Northwest School hosted a publishing celebration from May 11-13.

To begin the unit, each student was tasked with selecting a topic to research. Based on their own interests, the young writers chose to research penguins, bunnies, basketball, spiders and horses, among other topics. During the writing process, the third-graders used Google Chromebooks to research information and create a four to five Google Slides presentation. In their final project, they selected a presentation template and incorporated headlines, facts and photos. As a visual accompaniment, some students imbedded video clips from YouTube into their presentation.

Following two months of hard work, students had the opportunity to present their informative Google Slides projects to family members, faculty, staff and administrators. As a fun challenge, students asked their audience two questions about the topic he or she shared.