PAMES Literacy Day


As part of the school’s Literacy Day program, students at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School received a visit from award winning author David Adler.

The Literacy Day program, coordinated by school librarian Tim Quinn, was created to help encourage students to read during the summer months. Leading up to the day, students attended the school’s book fair and selected from dozens of books and literature to purchase.

To begin the assembly, they listened to a presentation by a representative from the Amityville Public Library who discussed the reading programs they offer during the summer.

As an accomplished author, Mr. Adler explained to the students how he develops his ideas for book characters and the process of getting a book published. Since he began writing in 1967, after a career shift as a mathematics teacher, he has published nearly 200 fiction and nonfiction books. Some students were familiar with his popular children’s book series “Cam Jansen,” while others know him from his nonfiction texts that include biographies, historical and mathematics literature.

In addition, students had the opportunity to participate in a meet-and-greet with Mr. Adler, during which he autographed their books.