District Pilots New Hands-on Science Program

The Amityville School District is piloting a new science program this year, and students got a taste of the hands-on projects it offers during the Summer Enrichment Program at Northwest Elementary School.

In the elementary grades this coming school year, the district will be using materials provided by the Full Option Science System program, or FOSS. By participating in various lab activities, students will have the opportunity to learn science in a fun way.

The summer program, which was held in July and is served about 550 students in the district, included a dedicated STEAM period for science, technology, engineering, arts and math activities. During this time, students explored the world around them using the new materials.

Kindergarten students studied nature and weather. They learned about the different parts of plants and trees, and were able to look at different types of leaves. Students in third- through fifth-grades have been working with rocks and minerals.