Amityville seniors bond on Awareness Day


The senior class at Amityville Memorial High School recently attended the annual Senior Awareness Day trip held at Amityville Beach. Special education teacher and WAC PAC coordinator Jason McGowan organized the event.

The students started out in the cafeteria where they had breakfast before walking out to the football field for large group activities and a family group. They then got on the bus to the beach and continued with the day’s activities. The seniors enjoyed beautiful weather as they participated in ice-breaking activities. Following lunch, students had the opportunity to play basketball, Kan Jam, softball, soccer and other activities with teachers. The day concluded with group competitions including a mummy wrap and tug-of-war.

“I really had a great time,” said senior Brandon Gilpin. “The activities were fun. I bonded with my classmates and had a chance to hang out with a few of my teachers which was cool.”

“I loved senior awareness day,” added senior Eshti Sookram. “I had the chance to hang out with my friends and plus I got to know a few seniors in my family group that I didn’t know too well before today.”