Northwest Students Give Thanks

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The history of Thanksgiving came alive for students at Northwest Elementary School in the Amityville Union Free School District on Nov. 23. Second-graders in Jenny Smith and Ada Harris’s class performed a play for first-grade students.

Ms. Smith’s students split into groups of four and visited other classrooms throughout the day. In each group, two students played Pilgrims while the other two portrayed Native Americans.

As part of the social studies curriculum, Smith’s students learned about the first Thanksgiving. Using Reader’s Theater, which helps children develop fluency and expression, the children then rehearsed the short play before visiting their younger peers. The story was about children experiencing the first Thanksgiving, and had messages about friendship and sharing.  

Throughout the school, students participated in several Thanksgiving themed-activities, including coloring paper turkeys and making special hats. Several classes also held Thanksgiving feasts that afternoon.