Park Avenue Students Celebrate Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day

The bilingual classes at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School in the Amityville Union Free School District marked the official end of the Christmas season as they came together to celebrate Three Kings Day.

Students in Johanna Feliz’s fourth-grade class and Joanne Cruz’s fifth-grade took part in various activities throughout the week before a culminating celebration on Jan. 6. They created artwork depicting the three wise men walking through the desert with gifts.

The children also listened to a reading of “Three Kings Day” in both English and Spanish, compared and contrasted the holiday with Christmas, made paper shoes which their teachers filled with goodies, and shared rosca de reyes, a traditional Mexican bread known as the king’s pastry. The celebration ended as students exchanged handmade cards with each other.

“I wanted them to be able to celebrate their cultural traditions, in addition to the American festivities for the holidays,” said Ms. Feliz. “This was a fun and enjoyable way for the two classes to come together.”