Middle School Scientists Explore the World

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Project boards detailing the scientific method lined the tables in the cafeteria at Edmund W. Miles Middle School which recently hosted its annual science fair. Parents and family members were invited to come see the discoveries their children made.

Each seventh-grade student picked a topic of interest and completed an experiment at home. Their inquiry, which included making a hypothesis, analyzing data and drawing conclusions, was highlighted on project boards.

Students studied a variety of areas including volcanoes, electricity, air pressure, the human body and astronomy. Many of the projects centered on food including, “Which cereal stays crunchy in milk longer?” and “Which bread grows mold faster?”

Eighth-graders in the Science Research program also presented the work they have been doing with area scientists at institutions such as Farmingdale State College, Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratories. A group of students studying a rare type of cancer known as polycythemia vera built a model to demonstrate the blood flow of people with disease compared to people without it.