A Winter Wonderland at Northwest


Spring-like temperatures outside didn’t stop a successful Winter Wonderland at Northwest Elementary School. Students and their families came together for a night of learning and fun on Jan. 26.

The program began with children gathering in the gymnasium for a singalong led by teachers Margaret Brooks and Mackenzie Sipp featuring songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Jingle Bells.”

Activities followed in classrooms. Students made snowman glyphs, in which their answers to questions determined what kinds of eyes, noses, mouths and buttons their snowman drawing would have. They used sticky cardboard pieces to build igloos, made their own snow, and gathered for readalouds. Each child received a gift bag with a book, a pencil and a Rice Krispies treat on their way out, along with worksheets that included reading, writing and math strategies for home.

“It’s all about getting the families in here with their children and having some fun,” said Principal Kathleen Hyland. “With literacy and science pieces, there was also plenty of learning that took place.”