A Day and Night Devoted to Dr. Seuss

A Day and Night Devoted to Dr. Seuss Photo

Dr. Seuss is such a beloved children’s author that a school day just wasn’t enough to recognize his work. At Northeast Elementary School, the celebration extended into the evening hours with Dr. Seuss family learning night on March 2.

To mark what would have been his 113th birthday, pre-K students and kindergartners participated in activities throughout the day such as making word family hats, counting and adding Swedish fish, writing about what escapades they could get into like the Cat in the Hat did, and reading lots of Dr. Seuss books.

The fun continued at night, and this time their parents were able to join in the excitement. At various learning stations, children sorted colored goldfish, found rhyming words and made Cat in the Hat inspired hats. There was also a group game of word bingo and a demonstration of educational iPad apps.

“There were a lot of literacy and math games,” said Principal Dr. Pauline Collins. “The activities at each center reinforced the learning that takes place in school and allows the parents to see these activities so they can help their children at home.”

Throughout the week, guest readers including administrators, board of education members and members of the middle school’s National Junior Honor Society visited classrooms to serve as guest readers.