High School Tech Teacher a ‘Bright Light’

High School Tech Teacher a ‘Bright Light’ Photo 1
High School Tech Teacher a ‘Bright Light’ Photo 2
High School Tech Teacher a ‘Bright Light’ Photo 3
Steve Carbo shines as a teacher in the Amityville, which is why he was recognized at the annual Bright Lights luncheon hosted by the Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technologies.  

Mr. Carbo has been a technology and media communications teacher at Amityville Memorial High School for 11 years. He teaches several courses including digital photography, 3D design and media arts. With the support of district leadership, he has transformed his classroom to add state-of-the-art technology.   

In his media arts class, students learn audio and video production as well as special effects creation. His 3D design class focus on video game creation, and in digital photography students are able to explore their specific visual interests.

“The students have a real interest in these classes,” Mr. Carbo said. “There are crucial skills they're learning by using technology creatively. It’s not even the future anymore, it’s the present. This is where the jobs are.”

He described himself as a “facilitator” who believes students learn best when they can work hands-on with technology. Mr. Carbo explained that in addition to learning practical skills, his courses allow students to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

“There is no greater moment for me as a teacher then when I see a students excel beyond expectations,” he added.

Through his hobbies as a filmmaker and musician, Mr. Carbo keeps abreast of the latest trends and most current technology. He also attends conferences and trade shows, and this year Amityville was the only school to have students attend the ASSET Conference, which featured the latest in educational software and hardware.  

In addition to his classes, he is the stage crew advisor and audio visual coordinator. Mr. Carbo was nominated for the award by Carole Polney, Amityville’s assistant superintendent for technology and administrative services, and the president of ASSET. She noted his dedication to students inside the classroom and after school hours, and said his school counts on him as the “go-to-guy” for technology needs.

“Mr. Carbo is a team player and visionary teacher,” Ms. Polney said. “He not only keeps up his professional growth regarding technology, but he's also sure to expose Amityville students to some of the newest technologies. His kind heart and passion for technology is evident in his classroom teaching, his collaboration with his colleagues and his commitment to our schools.”