Students Celebrate Earth Day at Northwest

Students Celebrate Earth Day at Northwest Photo

To celebrate Earth Day, students at Northwest Elementary School participated in literacy, science and art activities to learn how to make the planet a better place.

First-graders in Kristina Komsic’s class used tracings of their hands and blue and green paper circles to create “I’ve Got the Whole World in My Hands” posters. They also wrote sentences about what they can do to protect the planet.

In Nancy Davi-Ortiz’s second-grade class, children learned about the life cycle of plants by sprouting lima beans. They placed their beans into mason jars, which are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, and added a paper towel and water. Once the beans sprout, they will plant them in small pots to bring home in time for Mother’s Day. The students also watched a video about the harmful effects of plastics, particularly on animals and marine life.

After reading Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax,” students in Kelli Geilman’s third-grade class made their own foldable lapbooks analyzing the environmentally themed book’s lessons. They also signed pledges promising to take care of the Earth, wrote actions that they could do and penned essays on the theme “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

“At such a young age, the students can take part in this effort,” Ms. Geilman said. “I wanted them to learn that Earth Day is not just one day, it’s every day.”

Third-graders in Sylvin Ramgadoo’s class came up with their ideas for Earth-friendly cities. They created drawings and wrote about their plans, which included recycling centers, compost piles and bicycled-centered transportation. The project allowed students to think creatively and build their literacy skills.