Aspiring Scientists Bring Pride to Amityville

Aspiring Scientists Bring Pride to Amityville Photo
Aspiring Scientists Bring Pride to Amityville Photo 2
Students from the district’s independent science research program took home awards at the 2017 STEM Diversity Summit hosted by Farmingdale State College. This year’s theme was “Broadening the STEM/STEAM Education Pipeline and Workforce.”

A team of ninth-graders from Edmund W. Miles Middle School won first place in the Technology category for their project, “A Targeted Molecular Modeling Approach to Find Novel Treatments for Polycythemia Vera.” The students, Jeffrey Garcia, Nathalie Larin, Jazmin Ruiz-Marcelo, Amelia Tisk, Alexa Victor and Z’Dhanne Williams, presented their findings on the rare blood disorder and their use of molecular modeling software.

An eighth-grade team from the middle school earned fourth place for their project, “Scientific Practices and Our Open Ecosystem” in the Life category. The group, consisting of Kaya Branscum, Alexander Diaz, Shawn Fields, Myla Griffin, Brianna McQueen, Amber Palmer and Lenesha Swan, established a tank with a fish, java moss, and beneficial bacteria, and discussed and maintained the nitrogen cycle within the tank.

The two groups were mentored by science research teacher Alexis Charles. The future scientists were recognized publicly at the April 19 Board of Education meeting by Farmingdale’s Executive Assistant to the President Dr. Veronica Henry.