Learning With Legos at Northwest

Learning With Legos at Northwest Photo thumbnail77873

Legos are the newest educational tool in Margaret Brooks’ first-grade class at Northwest Elementary School. Twice a week, her students use the popular building blocks to participate in STEM activities, reinforcing skills in science, technology engineering and math.

Each student has his or her own Lego kit complete with dozens of blocks in different sizes and colors. The children are tasked with building projects from the LearnToLearn Lego Education curriculum pack. So far, they have made bridges, wheelchairs and machines.

After the children were introduced to the kits, they earned their building licenses. They learned that in order to successfully complete each project, they must follow the engineering process: plan and design, construct and test.

Ms. Brooks said that the students are developing their problem-solving skills and learning how to work together through engaging, hands-on activities.