Amityville Seniors Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Amityville Seniors Take a Trip Down Memory Lane  Photo

An Amityville Memorial High School tradition continued on June 8 when the soon-to-be graduates visited each school in the district. The students filled five buses which traveled from building to building for the annual Senior Walk.

Clad in their caps and gowns and with “Pomp and Circumstance” blaring over the public address systems, the seniors walked through the halls of their former elementary schools and middle school, which were lined with today’s students. Many stopped to high-five the admiring youngsters or hug their former teachers.

“I heard over and over again from the students that the Senior Walk was a ‘walk down memory lane,’” said Acting Principal Dr. Lois Etzel. “For the younger students, it was very motivating for them to see the seniors in their caps and gowns parading through the halls.”  

The Senior Walk capped off a week of celebratory activities including senior awards, Senior Athlete College Celebration Day and sports awards.