Park Avenue Student Makes His Own Music

Park Avenue Student Makes His Own Music Photo
Donovan Graham, a student at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School, recently took his interest in music to the next level when he composed a piece that was played at the school’s spring concert.

The fifth-grader used music-writing software Noteflight, to create a ballad-style piece, “Bird Song,” approximately two and a half minutes long. Donovan conducted a woodwind ensemble comprised of teachers and fellow students, which he named Super Sound.

Music teacher Jolene Maccarone said she was very impressed when he brought her the music, and very few changes were made before the performance. She said this was the first time in her 23 years teaching at Park Avenue that a student-written piece was included in a school concert.

“His enthusiasm and his passion for music stimulates his creativity,” she said. “He’s a great musician. Donovan has only been playing for two years and he can play two instruments beyond his level.”

Donovan plays bass clarinet in the fifth-grade band and clarinet in the sixth-grade band. He is now composing a piece for a brass ensemble that he hopes will be performed at a school concert next year.