Summer Program Supports Skill Development

Summer Program Supports Skill Development Pic

More than 60 students received additional academic support during six weeks as they took part in the Extended Year Summer Program at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School.

The program was open to students entering first grade through high school. There were full-day and half-day classes, depending upon needs. Site coordinator Yvette Carman said the purpose of the program was to help children avoid a regression in academic skills during summer vacation.

“This program helps children develop socialization skills, and it helps maintain and grow the skills that they need help with,” Ms. Carman said. “Their days are full of meaningful learning activities.”

Students received personalized attention in small classes led by certified teachers and support staff. Elementary school students worked on English language arts skills such as identifying site words and reading comprehension, and math skills like number recognition, addition and subtraction. The youngsters took ELA and math tests at the beginning and end of the program so teachers could monitor the progress they made.

Participants in the high school program not only worked on grade-level academic skills but participated in travel training by walking to the train station, riding the bus to the mall and learning how to use the computer to plan a trip. They also spent part of their days working at local businesses including retail stories, restaurants, gyms and yacht clubs.  

Family day was held during the last week of the program. There was basketball and soccer, an inflatable slide, water balloons and a picnic lunch. It also gave parents and guardians a chance to see the progress their children were making and learn strategies to support their academic, social and emotional growth at home