Stepping into Sophomore Year

Stepping into Sophomore Year Pic

On an uncharacteristically cool morning for late August, the incoming class of 2020 at Amityville Memorial High School trickled into the auditorium. Students found their seats and awaited the start of their sophomore orientation.

Superintendent Dr. Mary Kelly took the podium and welcomed everyone, remarking that it seemed that their moving up ceremony wasn’t too long ago. She also introduced Amityville’s new high school principal, Maria Andreotti. “We’re lucky to have her with us,” Dr. Kelly said.

Ms. Andreotti welcomed the sophomores to high school, and opened with a few words expressing her excitement for the upcoming year.

“I can’t wait to see what you all are capable of and to help you along the way,” she told the students. “I want you to feel like the people in this building are your family.”

Ms. Andreotti discussed the expectations for students, including the importance of striving for their academic best, good attendance and being on time, and getting involved in extracurricular activities — all aspects that prepare them for life outside of high school. The acronym R.I.C.H. — Responsibility, Integrity, Courage and Humility — represented her hopes for the type of character they would practice during their three years of high school.

Evan Farkas, director of athletics, physical education and health, reiterated the importance of their academics, and explained that they must pass their classes to maintain their eligibility to play on the school’s various sports teams.

After the introductory program, students were given their schedules and encouraged to walk around the school, with tours led by students from the National Honor Society. The newcomers compared schedules amongst their friends.

When reflecting on what she was most excited for this upcoming year, sophomore Briyanna Covington said, “To play basketball for Amityville. I’m hoping to play my favorite position, which is center.”