A Meal and a Mystery at Amityville High School

A Meal and a Mystery at Amityville High School photo

“Brenda and Eddie’s Wedding,” a hilarious murder mystery, delighted the 120 guests who attended the sold-out dinner theater production at Amityville Memorial High School on Nov. 4.

The show took place in the cafeteria, so audience members were right in the middle of the action along with the 39 student-actors. Lead characters included Jacob Marrero as the groom, Amelia Tisk as the bride, Alexander Diaz and Isabella Mohan as the bride’s parents, Alanna Graham as the mother of the groom, Nicolas Sohan as both Elvis and the victim Mr. Throckmorton, Justin Bethea as the best man Benny Goombots, Imagine Halyard as Bunny, Daniel Lutz as Yablonowitz, Shaakirah Nazim-Perez as parker, Nathalie Larin as society columnist Mary Berger and Jonathan Blanchare as the DJ. 

At the end of the 1 ½ hour show, the audience learned the true identity of the killer, who was played by Colleen Compitello. The play was directed by Melissa Asbell and Megan Ashe, with technical support from Eric Lee, Ginger Lee and Gerry Compitello.

Guests were treated to a comfort food dinner of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, string beans, cornbread and salad, along with wedding cake for dessert. Proceeds from ticket sales will support the high school Drama Club, which will present “Seussical: The Musical” in the spring.