Northwest Celebrates Young Authors

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Writing is a reason for celebration at Northwest Elementary School. Students in Jenny Smith and Kerrin Faulkner’s second-grade class shared their recently completed works at a publishing party.

Children spent the last two months writing narrative stories and selected one to turn into a book. They were tasked with creating pieces, four or five pages long, that elicited feeling and thinking from small moments in their lives. Following weeks of editing and illustrating, parents and special guests were invited to come to the classroom on Nov. 9 and read the stories. Each book was bound and included a cover page and about the author page. 

The theme of the event was “Donut Miss the Party.” The visitors were encouraged to “sprinkle” compliments around the room by writing positive messages on the last page of each child’s book. There was also a short video presentation, which featured photos of the children in the writing process, as well as the youngsters talking about new writing techniques they used in their stories. 

The assignment was part of Writer’s Workshop through Teacher’s College, Columbia University, an initiative that gives students greater choice in selecting topics to write about. Next, the students will write informational stories before moving on to opinion writing.

“The students need to feel like accomplished authors to gain a sense of confidence about their writing,” Ms. Faulkner said. “They should know that their writing is important.”