A Boost to Middle School Book Collection

A Boost to Middle School Book Collection photo
Classroom libraries will be more plentiful at Edmund W. Miles Middle School following the donation of two large boxes of books by non-profit organization the Book Fairies. 

Each box contains thousands of used books of all different genres. Students have been helping select books that are in good condition and of interest to them to add to the existing libraries in English language arts classrooms. This supports the Reader’s Workshop initiative through Teacher’s College, Columbia University, which gives students more choice in the books they read for class.

“It’s a resource that we can use,” seventh-grade ELA teacher John Katsigiorgis said of the new books. “We need to have a vast array of genres. You can never have too many good books.”

Mr. Katsigiorgis said that each box typically nets 500 to 800 useable books, so more than 1,000 total books will be added to classroom libraries throughout the school. He said that there were also many children’s books in the boxes, which will be passed on the Amityville Public Library.