High School Students Make Cross-County Connections

High School Students Make Cross-County Connections photo

Students from Amityville Memorial High School twice welcomed their peers from out east through the Cultural Exchange program. The school hosted 30 students from Bayport-Blue Point High School on Oct. 19 and 40 students from Sayville High School on Nov. 30.

As the students from each district arrived from their 20-mile journeys, they were greeted warmly by their peers from Amityville High School. The marching band played “Carry On My Wayward Son” for Bayport-Blue Point’s arrival, since it was the first time those students have come to Amityville.

Each program began with breakfast in the cafeteria followed by icebreaker activities to allow the teens to discover common interests. Each Bayport-Blue Point and Sayville student was partnered with an Amityville student and followed their schedule for the day.

Amityville student-leaders from the Warrior Awareness Club, or WAC PAC, served as the hosts. Advisor Jason McGowan said the purpose was to establish new friendships and create bonds between students from different districts. Many of the students followed up by connecting with each other on social media.

“By immersing students in another school’s culture, they are provided the opportunity to broaden their view of people who are different from themselves and hopefully become more accepting of others,” Mr. McGowan said. “The exchange between the visiting students and the Amityville students was wonderful. Many connections were made among these diverse groups.”

The Cultural Exchange program has become an annual tradition at Amityville High School, and this was the fourth year it is has partnered with Sayville. Amityville students will have a chance to visit Bayport-Blue Point High School and Sayville High School in the spring.