Forensics Class Comes to Life

Forensics Class Comes to Life photo

Forensics students at Amityville Memorial High School put their deductive skills to the test during a three-day lesson using Breakout EDU kits. They investigated a mock crime scene in the library, conducted interviews and determined suspects and motives. From all the clues, students had to figure out combinations to a series of locks.

The lesson was planned by librarian Kathryn Beleckas and forensics teacher Jenna Ellis. Students had to apply the investigative skills they have been learning throughout the year to “break out.” They interviewed other teachers who played different characters in the scenario and had to identify their top suspect, which served as the clue to open the final lock. It turned out to be Spanish teacher Reynaldo Bueno, who said he enjoyed taking part in the activity.

Ms. Ellis explained that the activity gave students an opportunity to apply the course content through hands-on inquiry. They had to work in teams to collect evidence and analyze data. Students completed police and witness reports, evidence logs, fingerprint sheets and crime scene sketches. 

Senior Jada Roberts said the breakout activity made her feel like a part of a television crime show, and it has her considering a career in forensics. Classmate Argelio Reyes said it brought the classroom lessons to life, such as when he had to take fingerprints.  

“It was interesting to find all of the clues,” said junior Zainab Mujeeb. “I felt like a real forensic scientist.”