Thinking Like a Team at Park Avenue

Thinking Like a Team at Park Avenue photo
Thinking Like a Team at Park Avenue photo 2
Teamwork was the focus of an assembly hosted by the New York Islanders hockey team at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School on Feb. 16.

Program host Dina Tsiorvas, who was joined by Islanders mascot Sparky the Dragon, spoke to sixth-graders about the importance of teamwork and how working together, as either a class or a school, can accomplish more than doing something alone. To demonstrate this point, one student and one staff members had a race to dress in goalie equipment. The student had the assistance of his classmates, while the staff member — Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health Evan Farkas — tried to accomplish the task solo. 

Students were also encouraged to register for the “Blades for Grades” program, in which earning good grades could score them two tickets to a future Islanders game.

Principal Robyn Santiago said that the program was offered to sixth-graders to help them develop their interpersonal skills as they prepare to enter middle school. She added that as they get older and have access to more opportunities such as clubs and sports, teamwork takes on a greater importance.