Middle School Marks Women’s History Month

Middle School Marks Women’s History Month photo thumbnail90041

March is Women’s History Month and students at Edmund W. Miles Middle School paid tribute to many women who have made great contributions to society.

The theme for the women’s history celebration on March 23 was “Women in History Shouldn’t be a Mystery.” Teacher Latessa Clairborne hosted the program as Oprah Winfrey. Students shared original poetry and performed choreographed dances. They also played the part of notable women in politics, science and entertainment such as Michelle Obama, Marie Curie and Beyonce.  

The jazz band, under the direction of Joseph Sciolino, performed “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing” accompanied by student vocalist Shaakirah Nazim-Haris who portrayed Ella Fitzgerald. The ninth-grade orchestra, led by Bianca Ferrante, played “Dragon Dances,” written by female composer Soon Hee Newbold. 

The show was organized by librarian Lynn Cesiro and middle school social studies Chairman Paul Duguay. 

“Back in history, women were not allowed to do the same things as men,” said ninth-grade D’Layzia Williams who portrayed Michelle Obama. “We came together to celebrate that women can do anything and honor those who made a difference.”