Language Learners Celebrate Success

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The National World Language Honor Society at Amityville Memorial High School welcomed 53 new members at its March 27 induction ceremony.

New members were recognized for their achievement in learning new languages and embracing other cultures. Membership was offered to students with an average of 85 or above in Spanish or French classes. 

Each inductee received a certificate and a medal. Teachers Elisa Castro and Sandra Whitney introduced the 43 Spanish language students who were selected for membership, joining 10 students from Brooke Prestano’s French classes. 

New members of the Spanish Honor Society are Cedric Agenor, Albiery Amaya, Jasmine Ambrose, Celian Aracena, Karina Aracena, Kayla Barrett, Olivia Bennett, Makhai Barton, Daniela Campos, Bryan Canales, Nayeliz Canas, Hasson Cantarero Hernandez, Mary Dexter, Jeffrey Garcia, Ariel Graham, Natalya Grant, Andrea Grijalva, Chantel Hinds, Krystian Hobson, Aaliyah Hunt, Marco Iorio, Maksymilian Kiec, Aleyna Kokoglu, Mert Kokoglu, Nathalie Larin, Jessica Licona, Rachelle Louisjean, Jasmin Lucero, Meghan Luders, Ryan McPherson, Nidia Mendoza, Odalys Murcia, Brayan Nieto, William Orellano, Nil Patel, Ashley Pico, Chelsie Rodriguez, Stephanie Rodriguez, Gleny Inoa Rodriguez, Jazmin Ruiz, Ameila Tisk, Katirya Tyson-Cardona and Z’Dhanne Williams.

New members of the French Honor Society are Stephany Carbajal, Brianna Mazzilli, Ernesto Monzon, Amaya Pelzer-Covington, Aatyra Robinson, Ava Sutherland, Anneth Taylor, Jordan Tobin, Trinity Tobin and Alexa Victor. 

The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance in English, French and Spanish. There was a merengue dance presentation, candle-lighting ceremony and recognition of senior honor society members. Congratulatory remarks came from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary T. Kelly, Director of ENL and World Languages Mary Stephens, and high school Principal Maria Andreotti.

“Being multilingual will prepare you to be successful in a global community,” Ms. Andreotti told the inductees.