Science Fair Showcases Middle School’s Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds Pic
After months of exploration and inquiry, students at Edmund W. Miles Middle School presented their findings at the annual science fair.

The students showcased their work for their classmates, teachers and families during the evening event. Projects explored a variety of different scientific concepts including electricity, density, magnetics and nature. Students explored which type of gum keeps its flavor longer, if adding salt to water can make an egg float and the impact of sunlight on growing grass.

Each seventh-grade student completed a project by conducting an experiment using the scientific method. They were allowed to work independently or with a partner. Science department Chairwoman Natasha Lim said she was proud on how hard the students worked as they explored challenging topics and conducted rigorous investigations.  

The goal of the project, Ms. Lim said, is to get students excited about science and find a topic they are passionate about. She added that the science fair is their opportunity to be the experts.

Students in the science research program, under the direction of teacher Alexis Charles, also presented their work. Throughout the year, they have been studying the causes and impacts of climate change, and also taking care of animals including beta fish, guppies and leopard geckos.

A group of ninth-grade science research students, who have been studying a rare type of cancer known as polycythemia vera since last year, also presented on their latest findings. The students also competed at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, Molloy College’s Kathy Belton Science Fair, and the STEM Diversity Summit at Farmingdale State College, which included a first-place finish. 

Students also showcased their work from the middle school’s new STEAM classes, which focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. Teacher Mark Marchino said students have been participating in many hands-on activities throughout the year. They built cars to protect eggs from breaking, bridges out of straws that could hold a certain amount of weight, water filters using rocks, sand, cotton balls and coffee filters, and backyard design drawings.

Adjacent to the science fair was the first Miles Pride Showcase. Sixth-graders from Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School were invited to learn about the athletic and extracurricular opportunities that will be available upon entering middle school in the fall.