Medical Research Earns Science Students First Place

Medical Research Earns Science Students First Place photo
A team of student scientists from the district took first place in the project competition at the recent STEM Diversity Summit at Farmingdale State College. 

The group of Amityville Memorial High School students, including Jeffrey Garcia, Nathalie Larin, Amber Palmer, Amelia Tisk, Alexa Victor and Z’Dhanne Williams, are part of the Independent Science Research program. They presented their project, “Treatment of Polycythemia Vera with Resveratrol and Other Small Molecules,” which they have been working on since middle school. 

The students have been trying to determine molecules that would be best for the treatment of Polycythemia Vera, a rare blood cancer. They have been working one day a week at Farmingdale alongside biology professor Dr. Andrew Michaelson, with support from science research teacher Alexis Charles and retired science teacher Deborah Charles.  

“All of this research is for a good cause,” Jeffrey said. “This can one day save lives.”

The five students were honored at the May 9 board of education and presented with certificates and plaques from Dr. Veronica Henry, the executive assistant to the president at Farmingdale. Amityville’s Independent Science Research program, now its third year, continues to grow in terms of enrollment and participation in regional science competitions. This year, students took part in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and Molloy College’s Kathy Belton Science Fair for the first time.