Presentation Matters at Park Avenue Science Fair

Presentation Matters at Park Avenue Science Fair photo

After learning about erosion, rocks, plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes, and the water cycle, sixth-graders at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School shared their knowledge with their younger peers.

The school hosted its annual Science Project Fair on May 17, and sixth-graders set up their displays in the auditorium. Fourth- and fifth-graders visited the fair to learn about the different scientific concepts.

Students worked in teams and one group per class was assigned to each of the five topics that comprised the sixth-grade science curriculum. The teams had to create poster board presentations.

Teacher Deborah Ross said that in addition to mastering the content, the students had to put great thought into their projects and create well-organized poster boards. She explained that presentation skills will become increasingly more important as they get older and even could be necessary when interviewing for jobs.