Milestone Moments for Elementary Students

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The district hosted moving up ceremonies for its elementary school students, beginning with pre-K on June 15.

Kindergartners said goodbye to Northeast Elementary School on June 19. The theme for this year’s program was “A Broadway Spectacular,” which was coordinated by music teacher Nicole Altamura. Each of the 11 classes performed a song from a child-friendly Broadway show such as “Under the Sea” from the “The Little Mermaid” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from “The Lion King.” A group performance of “We Go Together” from “Grease” closed out each of the three moving up ceremonies. 

Northwest Elementary School held its third-grade moving up ceremony on June 20 at the high school. Principal Kathleen Hyland said that it marked an important milestone in the students’ educational journeys. She noted they have grown as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and young citizens since they entered the school as first-graders.  

Going forward, Ms. Hyland reminded them to have good manners and a respectful attitude while showing a willingness to keep learning and try new experiences.

The program included musical selections by students, “I Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Count on Me.” It also featured a video presentation in which students shared their fondest Northwest memories.

Middle school awaits 220 students who were recognized at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School’s moving up ceremony on June 21. The sixth-grade class left an impression on administrators, teachers and staff, with ideas that helped both their school and the world. Students designed a mural to brighten up on of the school’s hallways and came up with a plan to help people in Puerto Rico following the devastating hurricane. 

“I have high hopes for you and I believe in you,” Principal Robyn Santiago told the students. “There are great things coming.”

Mikhail Ankudovych and Samantha Molina, co-presidents of the middle school’s National Junior Honor School chapter, addressed their future peers. They talked about the importance of good character and highlighted the community service activities that NJHS member perform. 
The ceremony also featured the presentation of the President’s Award of Educational Excellence and Educational Achievement to a recipient from each sixth-grade class. 

Superintendent Dr. Mary T. Kelly said that the summer is a good time to rest and reenergize as they prepare for middle school. In between playing and swimming, she reminded them to read to keep their minds sharp.

“Reading helps you stretch your imagination,” she said. “I really encourage everyone to spend some time with books over the summer.”

Park Avenue Moving Up Ceremony

Northwest Moving Up Ceremony

Northeast Kindergarten Celebration