Middle School Welcomes Seventh-Graders

Middle School Welcomes Seventh-Graders photo

Administrators, teachers and support staff greeted incoming seventh-graders as they attended orientation on Aug. 23 at Edmund W. Miles Middle School.

Back in June, as sixth-graders at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School, they made the trip a mile north to experience a typical day in the middle school. For their second visit, they were invited to orientation with their parents to learn about the opportunities and expectations. 

Principal Ed Plaia reviewed the courses that they will take as seventh-graders including math, science and social studies, a double period of English, physical education and health, Spanish or French, and electives. He spoke about the eighth-grade curriculum, in which students are accelerated in math and science to earn high school credit, and the rigorous academic demands in seventh grade to prepare for that. 

Mr. Plaia encouraged students to make the most out of middle school by attending extra help, joining an extracurricular activity or sports team, and making sure they are on time for their classes. 

Students were able to take home free binders and notebooks as they gather their school supplies for the upcoming school year.