Learning Will go Virtual in Amityville

Learning Will go Virtual in Amityville photo

Appealing to a generation of tech-savvy students, the district will be introducing the virtual reality experience zSpace to support the curriculum.

The district will add a laptop cart of zSpace systems, becoming the first on Long Island to have this resource. It will be available for use at Amityville Memorial High School, Edmund W. Miles Middle School and Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School, along with desktop units for each of those schools. 

By using the software, students will have the opportunity to interact through augmented and virtual reality with a variety of content that supports all subjects areas. They will be able to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, the anatomy of a human heart and the history of flight, and explore famous artwork.

“Students are drawn to technology, and zSpace provides an engaging way to support our curriculum,” said Dr. Carole Polney, the assistant superintendent for technology and administrative services. “We always look to add new and innovative resources that provide meaningful learning experiences.”

Park Avenue students had a chance to experience the technology when the zSpace mobile classroom stopped by for a few hours on Nov. 9. The children were able to put on the virtual reality glasses and explore the interactive educational content. The purchase of the hardware and software will come from the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant that the district received in the summer. Amityville was one of 38 school districts selected by the New York State Education Department to receive federal funds for technology enhancement through the Every Student Succeeds Act.