Creating the Coders of the Future at Park Avenue

Creating the Coders of the Future at Park Avenue photo

The jobs that many elementary students will have don’t yet exist, but that didn’t stop youngsters from getting a head start on their futures at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School.

The school celebrated Computer Science Week from Dec. 3-9 by having students participate in the Hour of Code during their library periods. After a short introduction by librarian Timothy Quinn, children did coding activities on the KidOYO platform using laptops. Fourth- and fifth-graders did Maze Code, a leveled application in which students had to drag and drop directions to have a white arrow reach a green X. Each level got progressively harder. Although they weren’t writing the code themselves, they were able to see it to gain an understanding of the work that goes into computer programming. 

Sixth-graders used Hatch, which gave them an introduction to the Scratch coding language. Mr. Quinn said the KidOYO mission is “on your own,” so he provided limited support to students as they used their critical thinking and problem solving abilities to complete the challenges. He added that the Hour of Code helps prepare them for STEAM-based courses in middle school and high school, and for careers in the ever-growing field of programming.

“Computer science is a key component of advanced technology,” he said. “This is the beginning for them in understanding that concept.”