Amityville, East Islip Students Create New Bonds

Amityville, East Islip Students Create New Bonds photo

Amityville Memorial High School welcomed 39 students from East Islip High School, who made the 15-mile journey west on Jan. 7 to take part in the Cultural Exchange program.

East Islip students were warmly greeted by their peers from Amityville shortly after 7 a.m. The groups gathered in the auditorium for breakfast, light conversation and icebreaker activities to explore common interests. Each East Islip student then attended classes with his or her Amityville buddy from the Warrior Awareness Club before everyone reconvened at the end of the day for lunch. 

“I just love the new connections that are made,” said Jason McGowan, advisor of the Warrior Awareness Club and coordinator of the Cultural Exchange program. “It doesn’t end today. The students will continue these relationships.”

Amityville students will visit East Islip High School in February. Each year, Amityville partners other districts on Long Island for the Cultural Exchange program which is designed to foster new friendships and have students appreciate the cultural diversity of the world. Earlier this year, students from Bayport-Blue Point High School came to Amityville, and past partnerships have included Islip and Sayville.